1. You can get to the setup page through “Company” - “Settings” - “Phone settings”.

  1. In here you can choose the user that needs the routing setup and click on the edit icon.

  1. You will have 4 options that you can setup in the screen:

-User routing: this will route all the calls to this number to the agent you select.

-State routing: Based on the area code of the inbound caller-> the call will be offered to the first 5 users that have the state assigned to them in agent management, and are currently online. If there are less than 5 users online it will pick users in "Busy" or "Away or "Wrap-Up" status in that order. If the caller id is "Blocked" or it’s a "Private Number" the system will randomly pick the first 5 users it finds online.

For example if you are receiving an inbound call from California state the call will ring

to all users that have CA in their setup until one of them answers the phone. The first one to answer the phone will receive the call and the others agent’s phones will cease to ring.

-Team phone routing: This is very similar to a hunt group. Simply enter all the numbers (separated by commas) you want to ring when any number of team members are called and it will ring those numbers, similar to the State routing process.

-User phone routing: If you want calls to a specific user routed to different numbers as well. An inbound call will ring on the user’s Ricochet and at the same time on the number/numbers you input in this screen so the user will have the option to pick up the call on any phone he is at the moment.