Your credit card will be charged monthly on the agreed billing day, the rate is calculated by the user number.

Adding/deleting users

If you add a new user we bill you on the spot for the remainder of the billing cycle (pro-rated).  Then on the next billing cycle we will bill you for that user at full price.

 If you request a user be deleted in the middle of a billing cycle we delete them and we will not bill you for them on the next billing cycle (unless you go below your contracted minimum).  

There is a minimum contracted user level with all accounts.  However we do not give credits back for unused portions of the month on cancelled users.  Our entire business and budget is based on subscribers so if a company wanted to shut off 10 users mid month for some reason we do not credit that back, each new user is contracted through the complete billing cycle.  Please let us know if you have any question or if you are not satisfied with that.  

We want you to be happy and also we would like to hear your feedback on this.